Disney Vacation Packages – Tips to Choose the Best!

When it comes to Walt Disney vacation packages, there’s a lot to choose from. There are options for vacations as small as a weekend to as long as a month. But what’s right for you — not to mention your vacation budget? Here are some tips for choosing a Disney vacation that will let you relax and have fun, without destroying your wallet!

How Long Is Your Vacation?

Not long enough, I’ll wager! But it’s one of the first questions you need to answer before picking a package.

Choosing how long you will be staying is a big factor on your price. A typical Disney adventure would be around 7 days, but it’s your choice if you want to stay longer, or even a bit shorter. However, you to have to realize that going under a certain time, or over a certain time will have a major change on prices for your package.

If you stay too short a time, then you might have to pay the same as if you were staying a few days longer. With all the specials like “stay 4 days and get 2 more free”, it’s only smart to look at various options. And while staying longer might not actually save you money, it can extend your budget.

Disney and “The Other” Attractions

Central Florida is theme park central it seems, and Disney World isn’t the only game in town (just the biggest). And I’ll be honest — in a 7 days trip, even, you will not be able to explore all 4 of the Disney theme parks, let alone Sea World, Universal, etc.

(And let’s not forget Downtown Disney and the waterparks — head ready to explode yet?)

So this is another thing to decide; do you want to do just “some” Disney and still visit a few of the other Central Florida attractions? Or will it be Disney World all the way? Your answer will influence where you should stay on your vacation.

Disney Vacation Packages

There are plenty of options for Disney vacation packages, and they are great for making sure you have all the bases covered. Hotel? Check! Tickets? Check! Transportation? Check! Food? Disney dining is available!

The point is, a package lets you get what you need for your vacation, without missing something crucial. And while your package doesn’t have to be planned down to the minute, it’s great for having a framework.

Because, after all, you’re on a vacation at Walt Disney World to have fun in the Florida sun!

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