Destination Spas – A Complete Vacation Package

Destination spas are a complete spa vacation package, with accommodations, physical fitness facilities and programs, and specialized cuisine. A select group, these spas offer a total experience that can help you jump start a new healthy lifestyle and are dedicated to creating an environment environment geared towards life enhancement. Destination spas are often champions of New Age techniques for self-improvement, which can be as hip as color therapy and mind massage, as gritty as hiking and rock climbing, or as spiritually minded as Native American sweat lodges. This type of spa is usually in the luxury class, offering exceptional accommodations. Located all over the world, they are often found in spectacularly beautiful locations and settings.

The perfect choice for a couples' getaway, destination spas offer the pair the opportunity to relax and indulge themselves over a few days. They are also ideal for a girlfriends' getaway, offering days filled with luxurious pampering. Destination spas are usually located in spacious and nurturing settings, and are designed for guests who come intentally for daily life improvement, health enrichment and self rejuvenation in a specific place. Desert spa resorts in Sedona, Arizona are especially popular during the winter months, when the weather is balmy. Spa treatments tend to merge an amalgam of Asian, European, and local Native American elements, offering the definitive experience in pampering and relaxation. A visit to one of these desert luxury spas can do wonders to chase away the winter blahs.

One factor to keep in mind when choosing a spa resort is the cuisine. Often a spa resort will feature organic food in their restaurant. For the best of all worlds, choose a place with a restaurant that has a high rating.