Beautiful Hotel Rooms Make Us Feel Like Stars

Being away from home means either we are on holiday, or we travel for business. We walk around the new place, visit local attractions and eat traditional meals. But at the end of the day… or night, we still need a place to put our head down.

Finding a nice hotel is not only about the location. We look for facilities, type of rooms and rates. Because we put our hands in our pockets, we have expectation. We are guests and, just like we treat ours, we expect them to treat us.

Urban retreats offer excellent facilities regardless you choose a small single or a suite. You want to have all the comfort from home. So when you look for that place to rest your tourist body, en-suite bathrooms, TV sets and coffee and tea making facilities start to sound as a must.

When I stay at a hotel, there is a small ritual I have. After check in, I take the key, open the door and stop for a second. I smell the air of the room. I just love the smell of clean. Then I go to the window, to see the view. It is extraordinary to have a room with boast panoramic views.

No matter how much I watch the TV at home, I always do it at the hotel. It is the quality bed linen that urges me to hide under the sheets and turn on the free view TV. What is great is that rooms in modern day hotels offer complimentary wifi.

It is interesting to be the host of a hotel that brings the contemporary style into a historical building. Every time it makes me wonder about the original design. Some hotels have pictures it, but others just let me use my imagination.

When we are far from home, we seek the comfort of our home at the hotel we stay in. Beautiful rooms inspire a relaxed atmosphere; facilities complete the needs of the modern traveler. We feel like kings or queens in our homes. But we are the stars when we check in and take the key of our room.