An Affordable Hawaiian Vacation

Coming to Hawaii during these times is tough or even impossible. If you are still able to make it, then it will not be much of a vacation. Because you have been planning for so long with so much money and now you will have to be on the "cheap side" to make the ends meet during your stay in paradise. Or do you have to stay on the "cheap side" to make the ends meet?

We do not think you will have to if you follow some simple rules that we have given to our friends over the years to cut down on their costs when they come and visit us.


The first item you must decide is to come during the tourist season, basically around April to September, when the major of visitors come over. This is when you will see the most expensive rates from the rental cars to the hotel rooms. Just the basic supply and demand curve taking affect over here. Or look at coming during the off season to take advantage of the discounts. This is when the supply and demand curve takes affect to your advantage. Which one to do is dependent of what time of year you want to come? The off season is a little bit cooler but we promise you there will not be any snow on the ground and the temperatures in the 70's, but it is still cold to us. There might be a little bit more rain but that only gives you the extra chance of seeing a lot more rainbows while you are here.


The next area you will need to look at is to get a rental car or not. Come on, how much time do you spend with the rental to justify the cost of the car? We have had many one friend get sticker shock when they paid for their parking fees and then turned the rental car back in and received the bill. There is plenty of other transportation here on the island of Oahu; like the bus and taxi. OK, OK, if you still need your rental car then just get it for the days that you really need it. Most of our friends when they come over here spend their first couple of days down in Waikiki to enjoy the surf, beach, shopping, nightlife and other activities. When they are rested this is when they get the car for the next couple of days and why not. Do not be paying for the car when it is only sitting in the parking garage. Everything is accessible by taxi and bus, along with a big saving.


Food, now that is always a big expensive when you come visit us. We understand how this one can add up because we like to visit the restaurants just as much as anyone else and the bill can really add up after everyone has made their pick. In order to save some money on the side check into staying at an efficiency with the "mini-kitchen" to eat in and save a couple of dollars. There are a couple of them in Waikiki and this can really be a life saver when going for the affordable vacation. Also remember when you get your groceries to sign up for the store's discount card. As you will see this is a steal when you see the two for one only for the store's club holders.

When you go out and eat you do not always have to eat at the chain stores. These are the most expensive ones here on the island. Try the local favorites and save some more dollars and get to know the local cuisine. Some of these restaurants are Zippy's, L & L Drive In, Big City Dinner, Teddy's Bigger Burgers, Big Boy's and a lot more. Keep your eyes open and venture out to a new area of ​​delights. Also we like them because they provide a bang for your buck when you go out and eat.


Talking about discount cards, there are various discount cards offered on Oahu to keep counting down your costs. The Go-Card Oahu offers an excellent example on how you can save money on major destinations like the Honolulu Zoo, USS Arizona, USS Missouri, Sea Life Park, Pacific Aviation Museum, Dole Plantation and a lot more attractions. This is just a prepaid card for the attractions you want to go to. If you are sure you want to go then get it, if you are not sure then do not get it, simple as that. This can make your dollar stretch a little bit more when using the card, check it out because it works.

Just a couple of tips that we have passed to our friends and family when they have come to visit us over the years.

Just another local ….